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Time Travel by Max R

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This makes me smile :)


Here’s a great design of Justin’s new tattoo (made by amardiyah). Which is, apparently, a Koi Fish. Read the meaning of this tattoo bellow:

"Koi fish tattoos generally stand for good fortune and good luck. There was an old fable that stated a koi fish could try to climb up the falls at a specific point on the Yellow River to become a dragon. The koi symbolizes a person’s ability to aspire to be a better, more advanced part of the universe.

The Koi fish tattoo is an ideal tattoo for someone who wants to express their levels of strength and perseverance through the trials and tribulations of life. If you are a courageous person that has high expectations for your life and high goals for success and happiness, the koi fish is the symbol of everything for which you stand.”

Note: This is just an example design, it’s not the actual tattoo.

Gotta get more work done on my Japanese traditional sleeve. Got my Koi and all the waves, wind bars & flowers. Still need a lot of work done tho.


A superior person desires truth more than he fears poverty.


Mens Tattoo Ideas


Rick Genest workin it

She’s a bad mamma jamma! ♡

I’m just tired; I just want the world to be quiet for a bit.
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She thinks I’m strong because I can push everything into the dark. But it leaves me empty. And the dark always finds me in my sleep.
Rebecca Donovan, Barely Breathing  (via erfisperf)

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